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How does the True Quit Method work with e-cigarettes, commonly known as vaping? It can be a useful tool in combination with the True Quit mental techniques.

Welcome back. I’m in the process of talking about different methods to stop quitting that are available on the market, and I’m going to talk about vaping. So vaping is where you’re using an electronic device to vaporize liquid, whether it has nicotine or not and then you smoke that as you would smoke a cigarette.

So people that think this is a good idea – partially, let’s talk about if you’ve got nicotine in your liquid. So that’s a bit like nicotine replacement, which we have covered before and the idea there would be that you’d wean yourself off the nicotine slowly, and that’s always a great idea.

The other benefit of vaping is that when you have the craving, you can just in a way substitute and have a vape instead. So effectively, that would be a choice that you would make, and you’d have to continue doing that because the cravings aren’t going to disappear just because there’s no nicotine in your body.

The other thing too is that often when you cut down on the nicotine, that can take some time or sometimes people don’t even cut down on nicotine because they think, at least it’s not as harmful as the cigarettes.

The fact is you’re still addicted. You still have to do something out of your control because of the cravings.

So that is a choice you can make. I know people that have been addicted to gum, nicotine, or the spray, which has nicotine in it and they do that for years. But at the end of the day, you’re still having to feed that those cravings.

If you want to be completely free from that you can, and you don’t need to use willpower.

The other side of it is if let’s say that you’re using liquid, that doesn’t have nicotine in it, and what you’re really doing there is whenever you’re getting that slight agitation from fight or flight or the mental cravings, you’re vaping. That settles that down, and it tricks the subconscious into that’s ok because I am kind of like smoking.

The mental craving disappears for a while, but again, you’re still needing to vape or have that solution to that fight or flight or the mental cravings.

It doesn’t really address the fact that the cravings are still there.

Really, if you want to be free, completely free, what we need to do is stop the cravings from even being generated.

So we need to find a way which True Quit does, of making those cravings disappear and having a step-by-step process to stop them from being created each time.

Then you are completely free.

There’s nothing to resist and you don’t need to keep vaping or doing anything else, compulsively like lozenges or patches because there are no actual cravings for the drug. There’s also no fight or flight.

I’ll see you in the next video.