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Quitting smoking means health gains. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. So reducing the risks of serious diseases is one of the main reasons to quit. But people rarely talk about the little victories that come with quitting for good.

A pair of our clients recently celebrated their first year of being smoke-free. This husband and wife team almost gave up ever kicking the habit. 
They tried everything. Patches, pills, and cold turkey didn’t work. The couple didn’t think they could quit smoking. And then they found True Quit.

Now they proudly call themselves non-smokers and have never felt better. In fact, she tracks her gains via an app on her phone. At her 100-day mark, she’d already made great strides.

Take a look at some of her victories:

  • 10920 mg tar avoided
  • $1248 saved
  • 104 days smoke-free
  • 1560 cigs not smoked

She also started exercising regularly. Nowadays, she runs 7km daily. This wouldn’t happen prior to quitting because her smoker’s lungs wouldn’t have allowed it. In addition, since completing the program, she hasn’t felt the need to substitute food for cigarettes.

This flies in the face of the common belief that quitting means gaining weight. Weight gain isn’t a foregone conclusion. It all depends on the techniques you use to quit.

Quit Smoking Tip: One Victory Creates Another

At this point, you may think that quitting cigarettes is an insurmountable obstacle. Various failed attempts at quitting may reinforce this thought.

But what if you could get rid of that craving and get on with your life? What other gains and goals do you have? What can you do with all the money you save? What other changes can you make in your lifestyle?

True Quit doesn’t necessarily mean you need to make these great healthy changes in your lifestyle. In fact, you don’t need to alter the events of your life at all. The program gives you techniques to unravel the thinking that leads to cravings in the first place. Imagine where else can you apply these techniques.

Ready to start counting your victories?

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