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We all know that smoking is a habit, but what do we mean by “Habit”? In this video we break it down. Visit True Quit online to learn more.

Welcome back. So we’ve talked about breaking the quitting cycle by getting more education and understanding of what the problems are when quitting smoking rather than picking a method to quit smoking at random, without any research. We’ve also talked about what are not the problems like the events in your life.

They’re not causing you to smoke. You can don’t need to change your life to quit.

What really causes you to understand the thoughts of smoking in your mind?

They don’t actually make you take action. They don’t make you smoke. And we’ve also touched on the deep psychological issues that don’t need to be solved in order to quit.

We know that as a fact because we’ve had many, many clients who have. Whether it be depression or, other phobias and things, and they haven’t had to address those to quit.

They literally just had to understand what the problems with quitting are and how to take the steps to solve those problems.

I know a lot of you are probably thinking, hang on a minute. Isn’t it just simply a habit. Isn’t it just a habit I’ve been doing it for 30 years or 20 years. I just need to break the habit.

Let’s understand what a habit really is.

Now the definition of the word habit is a regular behavior. It’s the act of smoking. That’s the behavior and the out of control part. Well, just assume that you can’t stop.

So what is the out of control part?

What’s making the behavior out of control?

We could understand that within this we will be able to find a solution. So we’d also have an understanding of habit. So with every addiction, there is something that’s making the behavior out of control. Now I’ll tell you what it is very simply…

It’s the cravings.

How do I know that? Because if we could take away the cravings right now, let’s say I could wave a magic wand and from this point forward, you had no further cravings, ever. Would it be easy or hard to quit? Well, if you really think about it, it would be easy. Why? Because there’d be nothing to resist.

If there were no cravings in your mind or in your body, there’d be nothing that you’d be resisting. When the thought of smoking came in it would just simply be a free choice. Like every other thought that comes through your mind, it’s a free choice.

If there was no craving, there’d be nothing pushing.

There’d be nothing to resist. Therefore you wouldn’t need the willpower to stop smoking. So when we say, what’s making you smoke? You can say that’s not specific enough, more specifically inside of habit. The out of control part is cravings.

If we have a method to get rid of the cravings without willpower, we have a method to quit.

That’s easy when there’s no resistance. So just pick yourself up next time you say, oh, it’s just a habit. It’s more likely a craving that you’re resisting. So we’ll talk more about these things in the next video.

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