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It probably took you a while to get to where you are as a smoker. You didn’t start off smoking 3-7 packs a week. You had to build up to it. Little by little, you crossed the threshold from casual smoker to moderate. After decades of work, you attained the status of a heavy smoker.

Will it take you just as long to quit smoking? Not necessarily. But you do need to replace that bad habit with something else.

Meet Anne

Anne just celebrated her 60-day mark as a non-smoker. At first, she didn’t believe the techniques would actually work. But 2 months without a cigarette is enough to make her a believer.

True Quit didn’t wave a magic wand to take her urges away. The program doesn’t include hypnosis to convince you that cigarettes taste bad. What the program does is teach you a new way of thinking. It takes a while to build up the habit of smoking.

Year after year, your habits enforce the cravings. It’s a never-ending cycle. But you can break it with the right techniques.

Quit Smoking Tip: The Proper Techniques Are the Secret to Your Success

Many smoking cessation programs teach you coping skills. What should you do when you get the urge to light one up?

Take deep breaths, keep busy, or put a strong mint in your mouth. This replaces the habit of putting one thing in your mouth for another. Although the replacement is healthier, it doesn’t get rid of the craving, and you’re really just using willpower.

Other methods teach you to persevere. You are the master of your own fate. Willpower can see you through. The problem with willpower is that it leaves you battling your own thoughts. More often than not, you’ll give in or live in a chronic state of tension.

But there is another way. One of the techniques that True Quit teaches focuses on dismantling the 4 stages that create the craving in the first place. These techniques release you from the pattern of thinking that has held you captive for so long, and eliminate the craving on the spot. 

Don’t you think it’s time to learn the right methods to quit for good?

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