True Quit - Eliminate Cravings to Stop Smoking - North Hobart

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Marija Stevens

True Quit – Eliminate Cravings to Stop Smoking – North Hobart

Olea Wellness
12 Smith Street, North Hobart,
TAS, 7000, Australia

About Me

As a True Quit practitioner based in North Hobart, I can help you eliminate cravings to quit smoking.

What is the True Quit Method?

The True Quit Method provides a solution to both problems of quitting smoking by first reducing and then eliminating cravings. This is because we have developed a unique understanding of the mental side of the smoking addiction.

What are the Dangers of smoking or Risks of smoking

Your body takes longer to heal and fight off common bugs like a simple cold. You will also be more prone to asthma and other respiratory issues like chronic bronchitis. You will also show signs of aging prematurely such as wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin.

What happens when you quit smoking?

A new world of flavours will be at the tip of your tongue as what was once bland will now be bursts of delicious flavours. Your body will be able to better heal itself now and be stronger against fighting bugs and the flu.

How long does it take? Quit Smoking Timeline

It is different for every person, but with the telephone support True Quit offers there will always be someone there to help if the cravings arise. We provide a series of videos with support techniques that will help to reduce the mental cravings.

It works. Live your life smoke free!

We are located in North Hobart, TAS, 7000, Australia.
Are you ready to eliminate cravings, without willpower!
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Please make sure you have completed the Trial Cycle of your True Quit Stop Smoking Program before you attend your appointment.