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The goal of our True Quit Method is to retrain your smoker’s brain back to the brain of a non-smoker, so you don’t even generate cravings anymore.

Welcome back. We’ve talked a lot about different methods of quitting smoking. I think you can see by now that none of those common methods that are available on the market actually address both the physical and mental cravings and also the fight or flight that can occur. Also, they don’t stop mental cravings from even being generated. 

In other words, the most common defect of all of those programs is you have to use willpower after you stopped smoking in order to stop you from taking action. When you get a mental craving and you have to do that for many, many years, if not your whole life, at some point it’s not enough and you end up relapsing.

We need to stop these cravings from being generated.

And that’s what the true quit program really achieves. It really helps you retrain your brain back to the mind of a non-smoker. So that’s what I want to talk about with this video. 

How to retrain your brain back to the mind of a non-smoker.

Obviously, I can’t give you all of the solutions here in this video, it’s just an overview because that would take some time – but not as long as you would think. This overview is about how we would go about that. So, first of all, we would teach you the four stages that your brain goes through when it generates a mental craving, and then we’ll teach you what has been disabled in your brain. 

There’s something that’s been turned off by the addiction, and that stops you actually being able to act in a normal way and makes it, makes it out of control that craving happen. So once we identify what that problem is, then we can solve it. We can also explain what the mental craving actually really is. 

That is a real eye-opener! It’s not what you think it’s quite left field. When you apply the technique that addresses that craving you’ll find that the technique literally makes the mental craving disappear. So then you practice that for some time. There’s a slow version, then a faster version, then a much faster version under a second.

So you practice that each time you get a craving after you and you’re cravings disappear each time. Then after a while, what happens is you take that very fast version and you do it before you have a craving. And that is what fixes the problem. That’s been disabled. Now, you, first of all, obviously you’re applying that very fast version manually, right? 

You’re doing it manually each time. Gradually that becomes a reflex. That means that it’s happening automatically, which in a way is fixing what has been broken. It’s putting back in place, what ordinarily should be there.

The result is that you don’t generate cravings

Because if you’re doing the technique before the craving, you don’t get the craving. The craving doesn’t have. You’ve actually stopped yourself from having a craving. And when you do that repetitively, it becomes a reflex. In other words, it happens automatically. 

And once that’s automatic, again, that means you’re automatically not having cravings. It means you’re back to the mind of a non-smoker. So you are then like any non-smoker that you might get the thought of smoking in your mind, but there’s no craving. Technique happens so quickly.

There’s no craving there.

I’m doing the technique right now. And I can tell you, there is no craving, even though I’m talking about smoking, even though I used to smoke a packet a day. 

How do we go about the process? Let’s say you decide to go ahead with the program and why wouldn’t you? You sign up and there is the next set of videos in your account, which are the preparation videos. 

They explain everything I just talked about in detail, but in a way that everyone can understand and that fully prepares you for the next step. It’s actually teaching you the techniques and you practice those techniques so that you become confident. And then, then and there, you’re actually stopping smoking. 

You’re applying the techniques, the metal cravings, disappearing, the nicotine’s being flushed out. Now we know that it takes three days for 80% of the nicotine to be flushed. So one option that you have is to have a treatment that we offer that literally helps your body readjust more quickly so that you don’t get those physical cravings or if you do, they’re extremely minor.

At this point, you’ve stopped smoking.

Then there’s support. 

  • There are daily videos that we send you, instructing you on what to do each day ? It’s a step-by-step process, like paint by numbers! 
  • There’s the telephone support that if you have a problem that’s not addressed in these daily videos 
  • You can call support seven days a week and you keep on getting these daily videos all the way through until your mind has been fully returned 

Until you literally don’t get cravings anymore you’re not having to use willpower and you actually are experiencing that. You can hang around with smokers, see people smoking, remember you used to smoke and just experience the freedom of not having a craving. 

And it is no effort. There is no resistance. It is extremely liberating. 

So it is just a learning experience and it effectively is developing a skill that anybody can learn. I really encourage you to take the next step now and actually enrol in the program and stop the quitting cycle.

Break the quitting cycle.

Understanding all of the problems and having a solution to each part of the problem and really retraining your brain back to the mind of a non-smoker is what it’s all about. 

So if that’s you, if you’re ready to take the step (which is actually not a risky step) we invite you to join because you’re learning step by step and there’s no rush. 

You can just do it at your own pace. If for whatever reason, it doesn’t work for you there is a money-back guarantee. 

We find that we don’t need to go there because when you follow the instructions you end up getting the result is it’s as simple as that. That doesn’t mean you need to be perfect because not learning anything, it’s a process. 

That’s why we have telephone support. That’s why we have video support because we understand that people learn in stages. 

So take the next step and then that will lead to the next step or the next step. And then before, you know it, you’ll be free of cravings and you’ll have the mind of a non-smoker. 

I hope we can welcome you into the program so that you can actually be one of the many thousands of people that we’ve helped to quit smoking. It’ll be an honour to help you.

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  • Shaun Barbeler says:

    This is a real help to me

  • Debra Wills says:

    How to I book in for my treatment also am I following videos ok .Im not so good at computers Thank you

  • Michael says:

    Hello Debra,

    You are doing excellent keep going! As for the booking, you can contact 1300 123 QUIT (1300 123 784) and we will make it for you.

    True Quit

  • Ann Simmons says:

    How do I join the program?