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If you’ve tried to stop smoking more than once, chances are that you’re caught in the “Quitting Cycle”. It is essential to understand how to avoid this.

Welcome and again, congratulations for starting on your journey to stopping smoking without willpower, and finally retraining your brain back to the mind of a non-smoker, where you don’t get cravings anymore.

This is a short series of videos for you to prepare yourself to make the decision and to commit to it.

Stop smoking with the True Quit method.

I personally understand that the prospect of choosing another method when you’ve probably tried many, and obviously they haven’t worked is a little bit daunting and that’s quite natural. That’s a normal fight or flight reaction and really part of the addiction.

The idea is that if you’re not smoking, it’s going to be distressing. You’re going to be agitated and irritable. And it’s going to be a lot of effort. Those are the normal ideas and experiences that you probably would have had in the past if you’ve used other methods.

Good on you for finding us for a shot because you won’t have to go through that pain. But I do understand that there is this trepidation, right? Even reluctance and resistance, to investigate the idea of quitting smoking. But I want you just to relax, sit back and really just take some new information because True Quit really is different.

Commit to watching these free videos and my aim is to show you that there is a perspective and a method that does really answer the problems of quitting that’s very, very different. You see all the other methods don’t have all the answers and they don’t even understand all the problems.

The fight or flight reaction.

If you’re feeling a little bit nervous or anxious, even at the thought of quitting, don’t worry. That’s part of the process. And that will disappear as you start to understand more. Now, the biggest thing that I really want to explain to you is this quitting cycle.
You’ve most likely been on it, most of you I’m sure have tried other methods and probably many, many other methods to quit smoking.

Let me explain the quitting cycle to you the way that I see it from a bird’s eye view, after helping out thousands of people quit smoking. What happens is that somebody says ‘I’ve got to quit smoking,’ or for whatever reason, whether it’s health, money, they want to do it for their family or kids.

They get this determination. I have to quit smoking. So what do they do? What do you do? Well, you go to the internet and you, search for quit smoking methods. And what do you find? You find the stock standard methods.

Essentially those methods are Champix, patches, gum, lozenges, spray, vaping, hypnotherapy, willpower or acupuncture. Perhaps reading a book or doing a course. The problem is mostly that those methods don’t solve all the problems, but the biggest problem is you’ve picked one of those methods at random, without really doing any research and without really figuring out what are the problems that need to be solved.

I bet you in your job if you had a problem, you don’t just randomly pick an answer. First of all, you investigate to make sure you understand the problem. And then you find a solution that, you know, addresses that problem. So that’s what needs to happen here. The normal process is you go and pick a quit smoking method at random that you haven’t tried before you then go and apply that method.

Why this quit smoking attempt doesn’t work, longterm

You might have success for a little bit of time but then, because not all the problems are solved you end up smoking again. You lose confidence and you get demoralized and feel disappointed and even blame yourself. Time passes and you’re still smoking.

For whatever reason, you then get the motivation. I’ve got to try and quit again. So then you go back, pick another method at random without understanding the problems. Try that method, you succeed perhaps for a period of time, it could even be years, but then relapse. Again, the same disappointment, the bitter disappointment of that effort, the distress and the shame of a lot of smokers feel.

This just digs a deeper hole of disappointment and so then you go back and eventually this is the quitting cycle. You just go round and round. Now the biggest problem there is, is that you don’t understand the problems of quitting and you’re picking methods at random, just because somebody else recommended it or some company advertised it. That’s not the right way to go about it.

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? You need to understand the problems first. You need to pick a method that actually solves those problems.

The True Quit program is very different

We actually do understand the problems and we solve them. Not only do we solve them without willpower, but we actually give you a way to retrain your brain back to the mind of a non-smoker.

In the next video, that’s what I’m going to explain – how to break the quitting cycle by actually giving you an understanding of what the real problems are. Just have a think about that and, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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