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“I can quit whenever I want” and “I’ll stop when the time is right” are phrases that all smokers say at one time or another. They’re also uttered by sceptics of the myriad smoking cessation programs on the market.

The translation is the same, though. I don’t need help to quit

Meet Leny

Leny was your typical sceptical smoker. He’s 59 years old and smoked for 2 decades of that time. Leny always thought that he’d quit when the time was right. But the time was never “right” and he didn’t stop. That is… he didn’t stop until he completed the True Quit treatment 9 weeks ago. He hasn’t lit a cigarette since.

Leny didn’t exactly run to sign up for the program. When he heard about it from a colleague, his first reaction was “good for you but it wasn’t for me.” Despite his curiosity, he remained a sceptic.

A year passed and he finally called his colleague about True Quit. He didn’t sign up right away. Instead, he spent months procrastinating before finally making the call. 

He didn’t really have a pressing reason to call or avoid calling. And maybe that was part of the problem. Leny didn’t feel an urgency to call, so he simply didn’t… for months!

When Leny finally got to his appointment, he was still sceptical. Why wouldn’t he be? He thought it was too gimmicky to be true. However, he went to his appointment and came out a different man.

Quit Smoking Tip: Don’t Let Your Habit Keep You in the Role of Victim

As Leny soon found out, True Quit doesn’t have a magic wand. Nor a miracle pill that cures your woes. The program is all about giving you back control of your thoughts and actions, by eliminating cravings.

As a smoker, you may not realise how much smoking rules your thoughts and life. You do have the power to quit. Contrary to popular belief, the secret doesn’t lie in your own willpower.

Are you ready to learn how to think for yourself again? You have the power to quit smoking. Let True Quit show you how. 

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