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Have you heard that you need an extreme amount of willpower to quit smoking? That willpower comes in handy when you need to resist the cravings, right? At least, that’s a popular smoker’s belief.

That’s why so many of us smokers wait to try to quit again. We feel we need to build ourselves up and be in the right headspace. We need to be ready to exert all of their will power in an effort to quit.

That means getting all the normal hassles out of the way. And then maybe when we’re all done with that, we can try quitting. Maybe. After all, who wants to undergo the pain and suffering that happens when you quit? That may be true for some smoking cessation methods. However, True Quit uses a completely different method.

Meet Peter

Peter was a heavy smoker. In fact, for a quarter of a century, he was rarely without a cigarette. Towards the end of his smoking habit, he went from heavy smoker into the realm of chain smoking. He knew he needed help.

True Quit is different than other quitting programs. Instead of teaching you to resist cravings, this program takes the cravings out of the equation. There’s simple science behind the creation of cravings.

Once you understand this and address it, it means you can quit without having to rely on will power to get you through it.

Now Peter says he feels absolutely great without the temptation to start up again.

Quit Smoking Tip: You Don’t Need Willpower If You Don’t Have Cravings

One of the scariest parts of seeking treatment for smoking is the potential suffering. You know what it’s like when you don’t feed your craving right away. That’s not a feeling you want for the rest of your life. Those potential feelings come from resisting a craving. But if you disable the craving, you don’t need the willpower to resist.

True Quit teaches its members about the 4 stages of creating mental cravings. When you understand it, you can dismantle it. And finally, you can quit smoking without the associated suffering. As Peter found out, you can quit without suffering even if you’re a heavy smoker.

Ready to say goodbye to cravings for good?

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