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David thought he had to be a smokers for the rest of his life after he tried everything to quit. Now with the help of True Quit he is finally a non-smoker

Deborah: Welcome to True Quit Testimonial Stories. And today I have with me, David. Welcome. David. Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to tell us your stories. Sorry. We’re really interested to hear about your quit smoking journey.

David: Thanks, Deb. Well, the quit smoking journey for me started a long time ago. I actually have been trying to quit smoking for a long, long time. And last time before through quit was about 20 years ago with my second hypnosis. And on that occasion, it actually stopped for 18 months but returned not only to smoking but to smoking cigars. So having given up something bad, I’ve taken up something worse and I came to a fair bit of despair thinking that I tried all the methods and that I had to concede to being a smoker for the rest of my life, which was a daunting prospect. But I came across True Quit and there were so many things about True Quick that I resonated with and appreciated, mainly getting to understand the psychological and the mental processes of the habit and the addiction and having all that aspects of it broken down and being able to understand how I can circumvent that process. And that’s what the programme has done. And because I didn’t have enough confidence in thinking I’d be able to give up for days, let alone the 100 days that I’ve managed to stay off the smokes now. So a good milestone for me and looking forward to the next 100 days, but more importantly, the rest of my life.

Deborah: That is fantastic. Wow. And how many cigarettes did you use to smoke?

David: I was smoking about 20 little cigars a day. They came in a cigarette stole pack, so I was smoking a packet of those and they had a Philtre Captain Blacks. Yeah. Smoking at least 20 of those a day.

Deborah: Sorry. And then how long were you doing the programme before you did?

David: Well, I started the programme in November last year and sort of looked through all the preliminary videos for a little while and decided after going through the trial cycle that I’d set a date and the date was the 27 December. So I’d been sort of convinced or worked up enough confidence over that month or month and a half to actually set the date and go with it. I had the laser acupuncture treatment on the 27th and I must say very grateful for the effect that that had because I’ve been through a couple of withdrawals before and I wasn’t looking forward to it. But that process was made so much easier with that method. I tried the patches, I’ve tried the gum, you know, all the ways to weigh off nicotine, but that was never going to do it for me. But therapy treatment really worked, which is really good. And of course, that first week or first few days really set a pathway of confidence to keep going and keep pushing on with staying off the smokes which I did. I just pushed through that initial time period and here I am. I’m still having tougher days than others but I’m getting through those reasonably well, I think.

Deborah: Fantastic. Yeah, that’s really good to hear. So it really didn’t take you that long to get through the programme to set your date and to straightaway after that give up?

David: Not really, no. I liked what I heard when I heard about what the programme entailed and just everything that it was addressing that I tried to address myself in my own head in the past I was liking what I was hearing and it’s all been come to fruition. It’s all been good so far. I’m still going through and watching videos on a daily basis but that’s what keeps reminding me of why I don’t want to smoke any more.

Deborah: Yeah. Has it had any effect on other parts of your life now that you’re not smoking anymore?

David: Well, definitely the bank balance cigars aren’t cheap and I downloaded the quick buddy app on my phone and I can see how much money I’ve saved since I quit and I do feel healthier but I’m looking forward to I haven’t cleared out the Airways 100% yet but I’m looking forward to that. I suppose people around me have been encouraging they’ve been sort of on my side and cheering me on a little bit. I don’t go around announcing it to everyone but the people that do know the sort of cheering me on and apart from the confidence that I just feel within myself knowing that I’ve done this first three months, as I said, I didn’t think I’d be able to do 3 hours later on three months so. No, it’s good.

Deborah: That is fantastic. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well. Thank you. It’s really great.

David: Yeah. Good on you.

Deborah: Thank you.