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Welcome back. Hope you have a new perspective whereby you understand the quitting cycle or your typical quitting cycle.

In this video, we’re going to begin to break down that cycle by giving you real information about what the problems of quitting smoking are. Please note, this is just an overview.

In this video we look at the the common misconception, that you need to wait for the perfect time to quit smoking…

When you go to stop smoking, what comes into your mind?

What do you think are the causes of making smoking a habit? When I ask that question, most people will say –

  • When I have a coffee
  • When I first get up in the morning
  • When I am about to start work
  • When I get upset
  • When the phone rings
  • When I go out for a break
  • When I have a drink

See what’s happening here? It’s all about events in your life.

A lot of smokers and a lot of people think that you need to somehow change these events because they happen prior to smoking. So the idea is that these events somehow trigger smoking. I’m here to tell you that those events don’t actually cause you to smoke.

The reason why is because you’re going to be able to quit smoking. You’re going to be an ex-smoker and you’re going to still have those same events in your life.

You’re still going to –

  • get up in the morning
  • have a cup of coffee
  • have a drink with friends
  • going to get stressed

How is it going to be possible for those events to be there and you not smoke?

It’s the same with every non-smoker. These events are still there and they’re not smoking. Think about it this way, every non-smoker, every person who’s never smoked still has those same events in their life. You see, those events don’t inherently have some power to make a human being smart without their control.

It’s just the event is not directly linked to smoking. It’s just something that happens prior. I’ll tell you how it is relevant if the event is linked to the thought of smoking via association. That’s all it is. That’s all the event does – your brain has linked the thought of smoking to that event.

But that event doesn’t actually make you smoke in the end. There’s a whole lot more that goes on. That actually does make you smoke, but it’s not the event. So in other words, because it’s not the event, you don’t need to change your life to quit. You don’t need to stop those events.

You don’t need to wait till anything is in a perfect alignment to stop smoking.

It’s all okay, right now. So events don’t cause you to smoke. You don’t need to change those. This means you could quit the way your life is now.

In the next video, I’m going to explain another thing that you probably think causes you to smoke, but actually doesn’t, and I’m, I’m actually in a way explaining that there are four stages that your mind goes through in a very quick overview.

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  • Fabian Fiore says:

    I need this so much. Doctors have told me my arteries and veins are tightening up and to save my legs, I need to stop smoking immediately. Kind regards, Fabian Fiore

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    I would be interested

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    Waiting for next video