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Let me ask you something. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, I’m sure it looked something like this.

First, you had the idea. You wanted to quit and decided to do it. You had a reason for it and you were quite determined to make it happen. That determination spawned the need for a plan. So you started researching available methods. You probably even talked to your friends or family about it.

Of course, they supported your plan. Who wouldn’t? Once you had their support, it was time to get yourself the “tool”. So, you got yourself some patches, gums or spray. Whatever you’ve found to be more convenient. With a method and support, you made the decision – I quit. And you did.

The problem is, after some time (be it a week, a month, or even longer), you were back to square one. Disappointed. You felt like a failure. This “cycle” might have repeated quite a few times, feeling you feel stuck. Unfortunately, the reality is, the methods that you choose won’t solve all your problems.

You see, smoking is a complex problem. Most people don’t understand how it works and what causes various cravings. Because of that, they can’t choose an effective method to solve their smoking problem once and for all.

If you happen to be inside a cycle like this, remember – it’s not your fault. You’re not the problem. You just need the right method. 

That’s how Carole Chircop who was a smoker for 35 years managed to quit. She got up to a pack of 30 cigarettes a day. Thanks to the True Quit program, she finally understood how to quit smoking the right way. What the different types of cravings were and how she could beat them.

Now she’s over 686 days smoke-free. No more getting stuck in endless cycles or trying expensive chemical substitutes.

How can you achieve something like Carol? 

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