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All smokers experience physical cravings when their nicotine levels fall. That’s the way your body tells you to refuel it. But what most people don’t realise is that they’re easy to beat. It takes just a couple days for your body to get rid of nicotine and kill physical cravings for good.

Why then most people fail?

The real problem is not your body – it’s what your mind wants. Mental cravings are the key to quitting smoking. Unfortunately, despite that, they’re frequently ignored by most methods.

What makes them so powerful?

You see, when your mind gets used to something, it will demand it “louder” than your body. Unlike your body, your mind doesn’t have a physiological reason to crave smoking.

In fact, there’s no connection between the two types of cravings. What your mind wants is the pure act of smoking a cigarette. It wants that habit to continue.

Think about it like this. You probably have many events and feelings associated with smoking. If you try to quit and don’t smoke when those events happen… your mind will remind you about that. It will register the missing thing and tell you to fix it.

And that’s when many people give in.

What’s more, as the response of your mind is not based on anything rational, it sees non-smoking as a future pain. This triggers the fight or flight mechanism, which makes the cravings stronger.

How to eliminate those cravings?

To do that, you’ll need a method that’s designed to rewire your brain back to the non-smoker state. Once you beat the real reasons behind your mental cravings, you won’t have to fight the temptation. Not to mention that since you won’t feel the need to smoke in your mind, physical cravings won’t be a problem either.

How to give it a try?

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