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Ingrid Masi


True Quit – Eliminate Cravings to Stop Smoking – Shell Cove

Acupuncturist & Naturopath Illawarra
24 Killalea Drive,
Shell Cove, NSW, 2529, Australia

About Me

As a True Quit practitioner based in Shell Cove, I can help you eliminate cravings to quit smoking.

What is the True Quit Method?

The True Quit Method provides a solution to both problems of quitting smoking by first reducing and then eliminating cravings. This is because we have developed a unique understanding of the mental side of the smoking addiction.

What are the Dangers of smoking or Risks of smoking

Nearly every organ in the body is harmed when smoking therefore reducing your overall health. Your heart is forced to work faster by the nicotine in a cigarette which will narrow veins and arteries and reduce oxygen to your body.

What happens when you quit smoking?

You will become less prone to sickness as your immune system will become stronger. Breathing will become easier making stairs not so much of a struggle anymore. Your blood will begin to thin therefore reducing the chance of clots.

How long does it take? Quit Smoking Timeline

Each person is different when it comes to quitting, some people stop quite quickly while others take a bit longer. By using the series of videos and techniques however, your mental cravings will reduce.

It works. Live your life smoke free!

We are located at 24 Killalea Drive, Shell Cove, NSW, 2529, Australia.

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