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Quitting cold turkey may be okay for the occasional smoker. But if you go through a few packs a day, you may worry that traditional techniques aren’t for you. Can heavy smokers use smoking cessation techniques successfully? Absolutely! It’s all in the method.

Meet John

John’s smoking habit went beyond that of a heavy smoker. He went through 100 cigarettes a day. That’s 5 packs a day! He didn’t think he’d ever quit. But he did.  That 5 packs a day habit was over 8 years ago. He walked into the program with an expensive and deadly habit. And he walked out of the program a non-smoker.

Everyone’s smoking journey is different.  Maybe your first taste of smoking came from peer influence. Seeing friends or family smoke can sway you into starting up the habit. Or maybe you had a situation that opened the door to smoking. Maybe it was an emotionally stressful time for you and you sought release. Or maybe you started in social situations where everyone else went outside to smoke.

Everyone starts for different reasons. And they stop for different reasons, too. But one of the great things about the right technique is that anyone can do it.

Quit Smoking Tip:Don’t Wait for the “Perfect” Time to Quit Smoking

There’s no such thing as the “right time” to quit smoking.  Getting your life in perfect order will never happen because something always comes up. Fortunately, your success in the True Quit program doesn’t hinge on perfect events.

The True Quit program focuses on techniques that help you deal with the fight or flight response associated with cravings. The methodology works at any stage of your life. No matter how much you smoke daily. You really don’t have to rearrange your life to enrol in the program. But your mindset will change while completing the program.

Are you ready to take the first step on the road to Non-Smoking? 

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