True Quit - Newcastle

Practitioner Name

Katie Keays

Phone Number

1300 123 QUIT (7848)


Providence Medical Centre
Suite 3, 2 Poynton Place,
Thornton ( Newcastle)

About Me

Katie’s treatment style will take you from feeling stressed, run-down or overwhelmed to bringing back balance and a sense of calm by creating an achievable self-care routine, activating your natural relaxation response and cultivating a positive mindset. I will walk you through step by step on how to implement my unique toolset into your life for a sustainable lifestyle change.

Addressing my customers problem

Having a selfcare plan in place to help you deal with stress and overwhelm will make you feel like a calmer and more positive person making it easier for you to enjoy life

My customers beliefs they might have to overcome before committing to this course and my promise

  • I wont be able to stick to it – I will walk you through step by step and offer support
  • I don’t have enough time – This only takes 30 min a day
  • I wont get results – easy step by step guide
  • It’s airy fairy stuff – Backed up by latest research in PNI and neuroscience.
  • I don’t take time out for my self that is self-indulgent – You are worth investing in. Time is precious, your health is precious. By filling your cup you will have more to give.
  • I am not that important my family gets my time. You need this even more and deserve it.
  • I can do without that it’s not that important. – As life gets busier and more stressful we need this even more. People all over the world are embracing self care as the new thing. Covid has change the way we look at our health and wellbeing. By creating a sustainable self care routine and learning to activate our natural relaxation response we build up a healthy immune system and eliminate unnecessary stress from our lives

What does my target group want more of?

Time, less stress, joy , clarity, simplicity, control , peace

How do they want to feel when they come out of this course?

Healthy, balanced, relaxed, strong, positive, capable, moving forward

It works. Live your life free!

We are located at Suite 3, 2 Poynton Place, Thornton ( Newcastle)

Get in touch with us today. Call (1300 123 784) and start your journey today.