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Why do you smoke?

You see, many people believe they smoke because their bodies crave nicotine. Whenever the cravings occur, they smoke. This refuels their bodies with nicotine and makes them feel calm again.

Many smokers notice this pattern. That’s when they try to quit using gums or patches designed to refuel their nicotine levels. But the truth is, the physical cravings aren’t as strong as we believe them to be. They’re not the real reason why we smoke either. That’s why refuelling is never enough.

Because, even if you were to stop refuelling nicotine, it takes just 10 days to completely stop physical cravings. That’s how long it takes the body to get rid of all nicotine if you don’t smoke.

Of course, the actual duration is not set in stone. It will depend on how effectively your body deals with nicotine. But this also means that, theoretically, you could be free from smoking in just 10 days. Assuming you don’t “refill” your nicotine’s levels.

Why then millions of people around the world try to quit and fail? Even if they go past the “readjustment” period of 10 days? The problem is the other form of cravings – the mental ones. Unfortunately, all popular methods focus on the physical side of quitting.

That’s why so many people get back to smoking despite trying. They use patches and gums to suppress physical cravings but as soon as the mental ones kick in, they fail. They’re back to square one.

The cycle continues and the industry thrives. Many smokers stay in this cycle for years.

The solution? Focus on beating the cravings that really matter here.

But, to do that, you need to understand the full quitting cycle and retrain your brain to that of a non-smoker. If you’re ready to quit and would like to learn more – click here or reply to this email.

With the right method, you can finally quit for good – so make the change today.

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