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Smoking can be a fun ride at first. Maybe you did it to be cool or fit in with the crowd. Eventually, though, it can take over your entire life. And it’s difficult to get off this addiction. But it is possible.

Meet Kaylene

Kaylene knows what it’s like to start something you can’t stop. She started smoking when she was 16 years old. At the time, she started her first job and just wanted to fit in with the cool crowd. As a relatively shy teen, she thought this was a good way to do it. And back in the ’70s and ’80s, many did view smoking as the cool thing to do.

However, by the 90s many of the people she knew had quit smoking. She kept going, though. Kaylene said that she “liked to do it” and that she could quit at any time. This kept going for the next 36 years.

It got to the point where she hid her secret activity. Kaylene was adamant. She wanted to do what she wanted without others dictating her behaviour. And if she had to do it alone, she was okay with that.

It changed, though, when she saw Doug Walters talk about the True Quit program. His smoker’s journey resonated with her and piqued her interest. Was it possible for heavy smokers to quit after watching some preparation videos and an hour-long treatment?

Despite her scepticism, she made an appointment. You have to remember that Kaylene didn’t believe she actually wanted to quit smoking. She also didn’t think that the program would work. 

As it turned out, the program worked despite Kaylene’s initial disbelief. She hasn’t picked up another cigarette since.

Quit Smoking Tip: The Only Thing You Have to Lose Is Time

Are you tired of trying to quit smoking? Maybe you think that you’re “not ready” yet? Kaylene didn’t really believe she was “ready” to quit, too. But she gave it a try. At the very least, she could tell her daughter that she tried to quit. But the True Quit program exceeded her expectations.

Ready or not, it’s time to quit.

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