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What’s better than going into a treatment program for smoking?

Having your peers enrol with you. At least that’s what one of our clients thought so. They have a corporate program for smoking cessation with True Quit.  The client had 9 employees enrolled in the program, and they were all heavy smokers.

One of them had a very long history of heavy use. This employee smoked 100 cigarettes a day for the past 40 years. Yet, they all successfully completed the program. And they quit for good. None of the employees that participated in the program has the urge to pick up a cigarette anymore.

Quit Smoking Tip: Focus On the Techniques That Address the Mental Craving

You may hear that the urge to have a cigarette is all about cravings. So, to quit smoking you need to stop the triggers that create the craving. That’s not entirely true, though.

There are 4 stages that create a mental craving.  The first stage may be the one that everyone knows: viral association. Your mind creates this association when an event occurs.

It may be having a cup of coffee or drinking alcohol. Or the brain links the event with a thought. This is where the craving starts. At least, this is where many smokers believe the craving comes from: events or thoughts.

However, that’s not the entire picture. The association is simply the first stage that your mind uses to create a mental craving. Contrary to popular belief, that cup of coffee doesn’t make you want to have a cigarette. But maybe it’s associated with the fight or flight response that triggers when you have a cup.

It’s essential that you understand that the event doesn’t actually create a craving. If that were true, anyone who had a cocktail or a cup of coffee would smoke. Because of that thought, though, the fight or flight response leads to a belief that you need to get rid of that thought. However, that’s not necessarily the entire story. It really boils down to the fight or flight response that the thought triggers. Not the thought itself.

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