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How many times have you tried to quit smoking? It could be one. Or it could be ten or more.

The truth is, the number of times that you tried to quit doesn’t matter. Nor does the duration of your habit. What matters is that you have the right tools at your disposal when you make the decision to quit. But, when I say tools, I don’t mean lozenges or gums.

You can’t really beat smoking the NRT way. Why? You see, a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is a very short-sighted solution. Sure, the patches or gums are healthier than the cigarettes themselves. But you still aren’t free. All that those things do is refuel your body with nicotine.

They kill physical cravings but they don’t do anything about the mental side of this ugly habit. Instead, you need a complete approach that’ll rewire your brain back to that of a non-smoker.

A therapy like this helped Judy Tobin. After more than 40 years (you read that right – more than 4 decades!) of smoking, she finally quit. And she’s been smoke-free for three months now – and counting.

Naturally, it doesn’t mean that she’d never tried to quit before that. But, all the popular methods that only targeted physical cravings inevitably failed. They worked for a few weeks and after that, Judy was back to square one.

So, what changed when she joined True Quit?

First, she didn’t use any chemicals, gums, or other smoking replacements. What’s more, after signing up, she had a month to prepare for her Quit Day. This ensured that she had enough time to get all the knowledge that made quitting possible.

But, most importantly, she received amazing support any time she needed help. And, instead of replacing one addiction with another, she worked on rewiring her brain so that she could become free from mental cravings. Which is the very thing that causes most people to relapse.

Jody is not the only one we’ve helped. Thousands of people who tried the True Quit method ditched the smoking habit for good. If you’d like to become one of them, visit this page to learn more about the method.

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