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Programs To Retrain
Your Brain From

Addiction To Freedom

Let me guide you step-by-step along this journey of understanding the addictive trap your brain has fallen into, and the pathway to freedom.

Use the freedom you have right now, to choose to take the first step on this path. With this first step, your transformation has begun. Then keep choosing to engage, and your addictions will fall away, revealing a new life of freedom!

Michael Gregory

Addiction To


This is an immersive, life changing experience, over 20 weeks, where I will work with you personally each week, from unpacking how your brain has trapped you, to learning brain retraining techniques, lasting freedom from addiction, and a deep peace that continues to grow.

Brain Retraining For

Smokers & Vapers

This is a step-by-step brain retraining program for smokers who are ready for a completely new method, that doesn’t requite struggle, willpower, or lifestyle change to have lasting freedom from smoking and vaping any substance.

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