Money Back Guarantee

After many years of developing and fine tuning the True Quit Method, we are so confident that you will stop smoking that we now guarantee it!  Just follow our instructions for three months and you’ll be a non-smoker, or it’s free

This is because it works when you follow the instructions.  Just like learning anything new, you will need help to learn this skill. We will guide you step-by-step all the way.

You will first eliminate mental cravings each time they occur, then later stop cravings from even happening. Here’s the detail:

If, within three months from the date of your initial appointment, you are still smoking and you decide not to stop smoking, and let us know by email at, we will give you a full refund of your program fee.*

The only way that this guarantee is invalidated is if you don’t follow these instructions in the first three months:

  • Watch all videos when required
  • Attend your initial appointment                                                                 
  • Do the techniques as prescribed, each time you have a craving
  • Call phone support immediately if you have a problem with the techniques
  • Call phone support immediately before, if you intend to smoke
  • Attend at least two backup appointments if needed
  • Email to request a refund within three months from your initial appointment
  • All program fees are paid as agreed

To access our telephone support call 1300 135 QUIT (1300 123 784), then choose Option 1. to speak to a therapist or leave a message.

We look forward to celebrating your new life as a non-smoker.

*Valid for clients who sign up to the full True Quit Program on or after 15/6/17