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Failed attempts at quitting may be disheartening. If you’re a smoker who’s tried to quit, you may understand the discouragement. That moment when you break down and buy more cigarettes is nothing short of heartbreaking.

But your past failure before doesn’t mean that you’ll always fail. You may simply need the right techniques to help you quit.

Meet Sylvia

Sylvia’s husband, Vlad, was a long-time smoker. He started at 13 years old and kept going. By the time he was 45, he was up to 2 packs a day.

Vlad’s wife noticed his health deteriorating from his smoking habit. His voice got deeper and his cough worsened. At one point, he had chest pains that she links to his smoking.

They tried different cessation treatments with no success. Hypnotherapy. Patches. You name it and they’d tried it. Sometimes they tried a method 3 or 4 times in desperation to get him to quit.

Sylvia’s husband didn’t have the willpower. They blamed his lack of success on that because he couldn’t get past his first craving. At the first urge, he’d cave in and buy a pack.

At one point, she begged her husband to call the stop-smoking hotline before having the first cigarette. He’d just undergone another treatment and they weren’t ready to give up yet.

Unfortunately, the message he received from the hotline operator reinforced a false belief: you’re not ready to give up smoking. This was a horrible case of blaming the victim. And this statement is false.

Since then, Vlad’s successfully completed the True Quit program. His lifestyle is healthier. And his family appreciates the extra time he spends with them instead of going outside for a smoke.

Quit Smoking Tip: Anyone Can Quit – No Matter How Many Times You Failed Before!

Craving is one of the biggest obstacles smokers face. And many of them can’t get past the first urge. 

The True Quit program understands that. Part of the treatment is getting to the root of the 4 stages of mental cravings, and learning a technique that eliminates the mental craving each time it occurs. You don’t need willpower if you don’t have cravings.

Are you ready to try a different way to quit smoking?

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