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You may know people who’ve quit smoking. Some may quit cold turkey. Some go through a series of relapses. It’s all willpower, no? Well, for long-lasting effects, willpower isn’t the answer.

Meet Gabrielle

Gabriele started smoking in her 20s. She smoked for a very long time. And she tried different methods to quit. But none of them stuck for long. She even went to a hypnotherapist with limited success.

It got to the point where the therapist said she was wasting his time and her money. The therapist said that Gabriele wasn’t strong-willed enough. If willpower were all it took, this would be the end of the story.

However, willpower alone can’t help you quit for good. So she continued to smoke. Decades passed. She got to a point where she was a nurse in a major hospital. Gabriele felt like a hypocrite working in healthcare and sneaking out to light a cigarette.

Finally, she found her way to True Quit. She gave up smoking for good and didn’t look back. In fact, she doesn’t have the cravings anymore. So there’s nowhere to relapse to.

Quit Smoking Tip: It’s Not About Willpower

You may have the strongest will in the world. And that’s a great compliment. But if you’re counting on that willpower to help you quit smoking, you’re in for an uphill battle. Many methods focus on willpower to keep you from lighting a cigarette. It may work in the short term.

However, when something major happens you may forgo that hard work for the solace of a cigarette. Relying on willpower puts you in a position to battle cravings for the rest of your life. The craving doesn’t go away. You simply have to resist it. That’s no way for anyone to live.

The True Quit program doesn’t focus on willpower. We understand that’s a never-ending battle that doesn’t guarantee long-term results. At the first thing that upsets you, you may go out and buy a pack.

Instead, our techniques focus on dismantling the 4 stages that create mental cravings. If you get rid of the craving, you don’t have to rely on willpower.

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