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Are you a smoker and finding it hard to cease a habit that’s been around for years? It is time you break free of a nicotine controlled life and get your life back!

Should you stop smoking, your general health and wellness will improve. Plus, you can stop wasting all the money spent on smoking and save more. Think of all you can achieve with that cash recouped from not smoking anymore? You can do a lot!

Here’s the deal, you need to clear your mind and focus on how to stop smoking. Your smoking addiction can be stalled with several smoking cessation programs. Let’s dive right in.

What makes our stop smoking program different – TheTrueQuit Method

Have you seen yourself failing in more than one attempt to stop smoking? You are likely entangled in what is known as the “Quitting Cycle”. This cycle should be well understood, as your chances of avoiding it depends on how knowledgeable you are about it. From here, you can choose the right anti-smoking method to adopt.

Granted, it is quite an uphill task to choose another method of quitting smoking when all previous techniques have failed. The feeling of irritation, distress and discomfort of not smoking anymore is natural for anyone trying to stop the habit if you have tried other methods. But if you’re new to the quit smoking programme, it’s a good thing you’re here as you won’t have to go
through the hassles of other strategies.

Truth be told, there is always a resistance to finding out how to stop smoking. Some people battle with this reluctance in their minds for a long time. But it’s fine. Now that you’re here, you will understand why TrueQuit stands out. It’s actually a method that works for those feeling anxious about quitting smoking.

The most important thing you need to understand is the quitting cycle mentioned at the beginning. The TrueQuit stop smoking program in Sydney and other locations around Australia revolves around the quitting cycle and has helped thousands of people throw out the habit. Let’s look at it a little deeper.

People begin with a determination to drop and never hold their cigarettes for many reasons: family, health, money, children, and spouses. You go online and Google “How to Stop Smoking”, and tons of information is there. Sometimes, people ask friends about the methods they’ve used so they can try them out. Most of the ways include reading a book, gum, patches, spray, vaping, willpower, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, and doing a course. But the major problem is that people pick any of these techniques randomly without properly studying them and identifying other problems that need a solution.

When you do that, here’s what happens. You stop smoking for some time, and before long, you’re smoking again because not all of the problems were solved. Oftentimes people blame themselves for this, but they’re still smoking. Time goes by, and suddenly, you get the motivation to stop smoking. So, you randomly pick another method, try it, and likely succeed for years, but you fall back to smoking again. You keep trying one method after another, but it ends up in disappointment and unhappiness; most smokers begin to feel ashamed. This is the quitting cycle – you keep going round and round!

The biggest issue is that you don’t understand quitting, and you go for methods based on people’s recommendations; this isn’t the right strategy to follow. So, here’s the deal. First, you need to understand the problems. And you should choose a method that’s a true solution to the identified problems. This is where TrueQuit comes in. The problem of smoking is truly understood, and solutions are provided. TrueQuit solves the problem without willpower and guides you to retrain your brain back to when you were not smoking. It is the knowledge of understanding what the real problems are that TrueQuit offers plus the solution.

The treatment will stimulate your central nervous system. Under this stimulation, the nicotine receptors will be deactivated. Slowly, your desire to smoke will lower to a 0/10. This means your treatment is complete.

For at least 2 hours post-treatment, you’re not allowed to eat or drink anything. But if you have a dry mouth, you’re allowed to sip water 40 minutes after the treatment. So, ensure you eat and drink before coming to the clinic. As a must, don’t drink any alcoholic beverages on the same day following treatment. Why? Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol receptors are located near each
other in the brain. Stimulation can come from their proximity and refire your desire for cigarette smoking.

Are you a car smoker? You should remove cigarettes and everything else connected to smoking that may take your mind back to it. This includes ashtrays, cigar lights, and many more. You should wash and deodorise your car before getting the treatment. Passive cigarette smoke can stimulate your receptors again and bring back your craving.