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Everyone starts smoking for different reasons. But their reason for continuing is the same: addiction. 

Nearly every smoker tries to quit at one time or another. Their treatments rarely stick long term, though. And it’s back to buying another pack of cigarettes. One of the reasons why your past efforts failed may be the methods used to treat the addiction.

Meet Stephen

Stephen quit smoking in July of 2010. He had his last cigarette that morning before treatment and hasn’t touched one since then. He admits that the first couple of days after treatment felt a little weird.

Stephen couldn’t recall a single time he did not smoke in a 12-hour period in the past 34 years. So that was a huge break in his normal routine. Stephen had a couple of incidents where he had to use the techniques he learned in the True Quit program. But they haven’t failed him. And he enjoyed his recent birthday smoke-free.

For the first time in decades, he doesn’t smell like a cigarette. His car doesn’t reek like an ashtray. And he doesn’t have to huddle outside of pubs and restaurants to get a fix. Not that he judges those people when he sees them. He knows what it’s like.

Stephen also acknowledges that it’s ultimately their choice to smoke or not. The operative word is “choice.” You can choose to quit, if you know the right technique. Or you can keep smoking. But your success or failure doesn’t depend on any notion of perfect circumstances or willpower.

Quit Smoking Tip: Getting Rid of One Addiction Can Help with Other Addictions

Stephen quit smoking through the True Quit program. But it also had an unintended benefit. He no longer puts money into the Pokies anymore. Stephen liked poker machines. Since the program, though, he’s no longer tempted to put money into the machine.

True Quit uses techniques that dismantle the 4 stages that create mental cravings. Addictions and cravings don’t necessarily need to be for cigarettes for this program to work.

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