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How many times have you heard things like: “You should quit because smoking is bad for your health” or “You should quit because smoking is draining your pockets”

You might have even started internalising this. By now, you may want to genuinely quit because you know it’d be better for your health. That you’d finally save money for a new car. Or simply because you’d feel and look better.

All these things could be in your head for quite some time already. They are, aren’t they? And yet, you’re still smoking, aren’t you? Don’t worry – that’s not your fault. You see, you want those things. Every smoker wants them (even if they sometimes suppress that feeling).

But no amount of motivation can make you quit smoking. Not as long as it relies on willpower alone. Because, even if you quit smoking for a week or two, once you become tired and willpower is gone… you’re back to where you started.

The real solution to quitting smoking are the mental cravings that make you want to smoke. And you can suppress them too… but you can’t stop them by merely “wishing to stop them”.

That’s why you keep smoking. That’s why all smokers smoke. They know perfectly well it’s harmful. They know how expensive smoking is. But it’s not about health or money. The solution isn’t on the outside.

The real issue is the generations of mental cravings to overcome. Our brains are programmed in a way that makes us experience a fight or flight response when we try to quit smoking.

You can’t beat that using pure willpower and wishes. Instead, you need to slowly work on rewiring your brain back to a state of a non-smoker. Address the root of the problem.

That way you’ll be able to quit smoking without making any significant changes to your life. And you won’t have to fight with yourself and the temptation to smoke.

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