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When you fail to quit smoking (again), who do you think is to blame?  Is it you? In the end, you promised yourself that this time you’ll quit for good. Or is it the new method that you tried that you’ve seen on TV? The new, better patch that they said works in just a few days. Or the new gum that your coworker tried?

Unfortunately, many people are quick to blame themselves. And the answer isn’t as clear as it might seem. 

First, you can’t blame yourself for using something that’s designed to fail. And you can’t blame the method either since most methods aren’t there to help you quit for good. They’re ways of substituting one habit for another. 

A patch can help you refuel nicotine levels in your body, making it easy to stop smoking. But you only stop because physical cravings are gone. The mental cravings are just around the corner, and sooner or later they’ll get you.

The problem is, all the methods sold by big corporations are designed this way. They help you get rid of physical cravings and ask you to rely on willpower when the mental cravings creep in.

That’s not the way you should quit smoking. That’s just temporary delaying it from happening – up until you can’t stand the cravings anymore.  Of course, that’s also when you either get back to smoking or start looking for another method. And if all it offers is helping you overcome physical cravings, you’ll soon be back to square one.

What’s worse, trying to suppress the need to smoke through willpower will soon leave you anxious and irritated. When this happens, you’ll feel an even bigger need to smoke to calm down. And the more you resist, the harder it gets for you to not give in. 

How to stop this escalating cycle of suffering?

The key is to use a method that helps you get through both types of cravings. Getting through the physical cravings stage is important – but you can’t quit if you don’t rewire your brain.

That’s exactly what the True Quit method is all about. If you’re ready to quit smoking for good – without having to resort to using your willpower – visit this masterclass. 

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