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If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking, I’m sure you’ve considered – or even tried – using your willpower to do that. And, you’re not the only one. Most people believe that quitting smoking is a matter of willpower. They think that as long as they’re strong enough, they can beat those cravings.

In some magical way, they want to “think” them away. The only problem is, that’s not how things work in real life. There’s no magic trick way that’d make you quit smoking.  But you don’t need magic to quit.

You see, it doesn’t really matter how excited and pumped you get about quitting smoking. Even if you were to limit all the situations that make you think about smoking, willpower alone can only get you so far…

But, imagine for a second that you actually managed to quit smoking using willpower. For a week. Or even a whole month.

However, what happens after that month?

Sure, your body may be free of nicotine (which usually gets flushed out of your body after around 10 days). Physical cravings may be gone. But your mind is still hungry. It wants you to smoke.

And, you can’t avoid all those situations that you associate with smoking forever, can you? Especially if it’s things like a morning coffee that you love. Or a weekend getaway with your friends and family.

This is not really a failure on your part. No one could live like that. You see, even if physical cravings are gone, it doesn’t mean the mental ones are too. And they’re the ones that are responsible for the majority of relapses.

What’s going on in your head cannot be stopped just because you wish it stopped. Willpower can delay the action of smoking. But it will never prevent you from smoking again in the long-run.

Instead of trying to rely on willpower alone, you need a holistic system. One that helps you get through physical cravings and then helps you deal with the mental ones.

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