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Nicotine withdrawal is real. Most smokers know that physical cravings and withdrawals that go with quitting smoking. Many programs address this, too. But one thing many treatments don’t talk about is the mental cravings that fuel the smoking urge. That’s where willpower comes in, right? Not if you quit the right way.

Meet Scott

Scott completed the True Quit program and no longer counts himself a smoker. But that’s not what surprised him. Quitting smoking was only part of the process. The thing that surprised Scott the most was that he didn’t have a desire to smoke. Not even when he hung out with friends the weekend following his program completion. 

His friends smoked but he didn’t have the desire to light one himself or ask for one. Does that mean that the urge disappeared completely? In the early days after the True Quit program, he did think about cigarettes. But when that did happened he used the techniques he learned at True Quit. And the desire disappeared within seconds.

Quit Smoking Tip: The Key for Long-Term Quitting is Eliminating Mental Cravings

Some treatments focus on the physical cravings for nicotine. You may weather through the physical aspects. But what about the mental urges? Your mind is a very powerful thing. It creates different scenarios and causes physical reactions based on your thoughts.

One of these reactions is the fight or flight response that you feel when you don’t give in to the urge to smoke. Anxiety may fill your body as you resist that urge.  This is the point where you need strong willpower to resist the cravings. At least, that’s what many other treatments tell you.

However, True Quit has a different approach. Rather than a constant battle with yourself, the program gives you the tools to dismantle those cravings in your mind. If you don’t have the cravings, you don’t need to rely on willpower.

This technique tackles the 4 stages of mental craving creation. When you address this, you can start unravelling those mental urges.

Are you ready to address the mental cravings that tell you to smoke?

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